There's just something about hearing the name "Bunny", especially when she's a model that makes you feel good... really good. It's hard not to lave the name, and even before you see the pictures, the name "Bunny" stirs the imagination in a way that a more traditional name does not. Maybe it's because the name signifies a delicate seductiveness that is neither purely innocent nor altogether cunning, or maybe it's because we are all reminded of the fun that bunnies just always seem to be having. Whatever the case "Bunny" the model definitely appeals to the fun side in all of us.

Representing for the "305" (Miami), Bunny mixes a unique blend of warm tender sensuality with a sexy urban confidence. And while Miami probably has more models than your average town, we all know that its the quality that really makes our ears perk up when we hear "Miami" and Bunny the Model is no exception.